Those who beat a visitor to death in a cafe in Obninsk received 14 years

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Those who beat a visitor to death at the Ochag cafe in Obninsk received 14 years for two. This was announced on Tuesday, September 8, by the press service of the regional prosecutor’s office.

“The court of first instance found the defendants guilty of committing a crime under Article 111 Part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. One was assigned 8 years, the other was assigned 6 years in a strict regime colony,” the message says.

The defendants disagreed with such a verdict and appealed, continuing to deny their guilt. However, the prosecutor participating in the court of appeal convincingly refuted the arguments of the defense about the innocence of the convicts. The Kaluga Regional Court upheld the verdict.

The court and the investigation established that two residents of Obninsk and Borovsk in September 2018 were drinking alcohol with the company in the Ochag cafe. There was a verbal conflict between the convicts and their acquaintances. Then it turned into a fight, during which one of the men began to throw pieces of hard road surface at the opponent. One of them hit the deceased in the head. He fell to the ground. The two convicts began to beat him with their feet and hands on the head. The man died from his injuries.

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