This is the dirtiest part of the human body, according to scientists

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Where on the body are most germs and bacteria, American doctors said.

In 2012, Dr. Rob Dunn and a team at the University of North Carolina studied the microbial composition of 60 volunteers in their navels. It became known that, in terms of the diversity of microorganisms, this part of the human body can be compared with a tropical forest.

The thing is that people rarely thoroughly wash the navel, and it is there that a huge amount of dead skin particles, fibers of clothing fabric, and dirt accumulate.

The navel is a favorable environment for the growth of microorganisms; 2368 species of bacteria were found in the volunteers participating in the experiment, of which 1458 were discovered for the first time. For comparison, doctors said that only about 700 species live in the mouth.

Although almost all of these microorganisms are harmless, there remains a threat to the development of diseases, which is why it is important to constantly monitor the purity of the navel, writes MedicForum.

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