The youngest son of singer Viktor Pavlik dies of cancer

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54-year-old Ukrainian singer, guitarist Viktor Pavlik lost his youngest son Pavel. A 21-year-old young man died of bone cancer. The young man underwent 18 courses of chemotherapy, but in June of this year he got worse and spent the last weeks in the hospice.

“Rest with God, son, you are now my Angel. Amen,” wrote Victor Pavlik on his Facebook page.

The mother of the deceased Pavel Pavlik, Laura Sozaeva, in turn, published a video in which her son was captured as a little boy reading a prayer.

Not long before his death, Pavel himself recorded a video message for his friends, in which he said that he was refusing treatment, as it did not give results.

Recall that Victor Pavlik has married four times. He has an eldest son, Alexander, from his first wife, Lydia, and a daughter, Christina, born in a second marriage to Svetlana.

The most popular song of Pavlik in Ukraine and Russia is “City of Green”.

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