The world famous Bryansk Museum “Paleolithic” will be renovated

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This year it is planned to reconstruct the world famous Paleolithic Museum, which is located in the village of Yudinovo, Pogarsky District. A modern tourist center will be created on its basis. 64 million rubles will be allocated for these purposes.

As NASHBRYANSK.RU specifies, the history of the museum began in 1934, when a resident of Yudinovo, digging a cellar, found huge bones that could not belong to any known animal. Scientists have established the age of the remains – about 15 thousand years.

Later it turned out that on the site of this village there was a settlement of Cro-Magnons – mammoth hunters. The museum appeared in the village thanks to the efforts of the village teacher Leonid Grishin. It features about 30 mammoth skulls.

Many archaeologists came to Yudinovo. They expressed doubts about the authenticity of the remains. Only after carefully studying the finds, the experts were convinced that there are no analogues to this museum in the world.

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