The White House announced the next public appearance of Trump

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US President Donald Trump, who is sick with coronavirus and is in quarantine, is going to speak publicly. This was announced on Wednesday, October 7, by the White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern.

“He wants to reach out to the Americans and will do it soon. I do not have an exact time or a specific method that he would prefer, but, as you saw, there were videos on Twitter, which are quite an easy and effective way for him to appear in public, ”RIA Novosti quotes him.

Trump, after being discharged from the hospital on Monday and since then, has not appeared in public and has not posted his videos on Twitter, as he did during his hospitalization.

Earlier that day, the American leader’s attending physician Sean Conley said that Trump had no symptoms of coronavirus for a day, he also had antibodies to infection.

Trump on Monday, October 5, was discharged from the Walter Reed Naval Hospital in Maryland, where he was treated for three days with a diagnosis of coronavirus. It was reported that the American president will continue treatment at home, at his residence.

The head of the United States, after being discharged from the hospital, recorded a video message in which he spoke about his health and urged Americans not to be afraid of the coronavirus.

The American leader announced on October 2 that he was diagnosed with COVID-19. On the same day, he was hospitalized with mild symptoms at the Walter Reed Military Medical Hospital. The coronavirus was also confirmed in his wife Melania.

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