The veterinarian told how the coronavirus behaves in pets

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Coronaviruses of domestic cats and dogs can mutate, about how dangerous it is for humans, said veterinarian Angelina Sirotina.

Certain types of infections are found in the pathogenic flora of the intestines of dogs and cats. This is usually not dangerous to animals, but sometimes when COVID activates and mutates, the specialist explained.

As he told radio Sputnik, the virus can be active only when the pet’s immune status decreases, which sometimes causes complications in cats. This also applies to animals with autoimmune problems, in which the virus can mutate.

Mutated coronaviruses of cats and dogs can threaten their health, but they are harmless to humans, because these are species-specific coronaviruses. Dogs from cats and vice versa cannot become infected, and a person can neither receive nor transmit an infection.

“There are only a few diseases called zooanthroponosis. These diseases can affect both humans and animals. For example, rabies belongs to them, ”the veterinarian clarified.

Sirotina noted that if an animal becomes ill with coronavirus, then it needs to be provided with rest and treatment, including antibiotic therapy to suppress the secondary bacterial flora and increase the immune status with modulators, immunostimulants, biostimulants and rest. Moreover, the decrease in immunity comes from the nerves, the veterinarian emphasized.

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