The US military criticized the actions of Russian pilots

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The US Air Force command accused the Russian pilots of unprofessionalism. The indignation of the American generals was caused by the actions of two Su-27 fighters, which intercepted a B-52 bomber.

According to the Americans, the Russian pilots were flying unsafely and unprofessionally. They crossed the trajectory of the bomber several times at a distance of about 30 meters from the bow of the B-52 at the same height with it and using afterburner. This created turbulence and limited the B-52’s ability to maneuver.

Earlier it was reported that Russian Su-27s were raised on Friday to intercept the American B-52H bomber over the Black Sea. As the Russian military clarified, an air target approaching the Russian border was detected by means of control over neutral waters. At the same time, there was no violation of the border. After the US plane turned from the Russian border, the Su-27s safely returned to the home airfield.

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