The Tula government explained how to get the presidential 5,000 rubles

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In accordance with the presidential decree, the Pension Fund of Russia will unconditionally transfer a one-time payment to parents, adoptive parents, guardians and trustees of children under 7 years old inclusive, which will amount to 5,000 rubles for each child in the family, reminds the government of the Tula region. Let us remind you that the payment was announced the day before, on December 17, during a press conference by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The new payment will be received by all families with children who, as of December 17, 2020, have not yet turned 8 years old. In the Tula region, about 107 thousand children will receive this payment.

A special feature of the new payment will be that it will be paid according to the principle of “social treasury”: there is no need to apply for it anywhere, since the Pension Fund will unconditionally issue and transfer funds based on the decisions on payments for children made in the spring and summer. Thus, parents, adoptive parents and guardians who this year received a monthly payment for children under 3 years old or a lump sum payment for children from 3 to 16 years old, the additional payment will be provided automatically in December, do not need to submit a new application.

An application will be required only if the child appeared in the family after July 1, or the parents did not apply for any of the payments for children provided by the Pension Fund during the year. In this case, the parents must indicate in the application the details of the bank account to which the funds will be transferred. There are more than three months for this – the corresponding applications are accepted until April 1. You will also need a statement if a bank account was closed for parents who have already received payments for their children.

You can apply for payment in your personal account on the State Services portal or in the client services of the Pension Fund.

Who is entitled to a new payment:

Citizens of the Russian Federation living in the territory of the Russian Federation and who are parents, adoptive parents, guardians, guardians of children under the age of eight who have Russian citizenship. The payment is made to every child in the family born from December 18, 2012 and later.

Children who have turned 8 years old on the date of entry into force of the Decree – December 17, 2020 and earlier, are not paid.

You DO NOT need to submit an application if:

You previously applied for payments to children and your account details have not changed. The payment will be made automatically based on the documents at the disposal of the Pension Fund.

An application must be submitted if:

If the previously specified account has been closed or the details have changed. It is necessary to submit an application for changing the details using the link “Change payment details” on the State Service portal. The payment will be credited to the new account.

If your child was born on July 1, 2020 and later, or you have children under 8 years old, for whom you have NOT received child benefits before, but you have such a right. Citizens who have not received these payments have the right to apply to the Pension Fund until April 1, 2021 for a lump sum payment of 5 thousand rubles.

The phone number of the call center of the PFR branch in the Tula region 8-800-600-03-81

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