The third month on the street Volnaya in Petrozavodsk repairing a staircase descent

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On May 10, the press service of the city administration announced the start of repairs to the staircase descent on Volnaya Street in Petrozavodsk. It is noteworthy that initially the work at the facility was carried out in preparation for the celebration of the Day of the Republic of Karelia.

It was assumed that by mid-May the contractor, OOO Svoy Dom, would dismantle the old staircase and build a new one by early July. We remind you that the cost of the work was about 5 million rubles.

Already on July 25, the press service of the city administration informed that the contractor would have to redo the work – the concrete base of the stairs was made of poor quality. Moreover, the mayor’s office promised that the facing of the stairs will begin only after the administration specialists accept the new foundation.

On the last day of July, in the KARELFORNIA NEWS public, photos of the foundation were posted on the social network, which was completely dismantled. That is, in principle, apart from the fact that a few months ago the old staircase was dismantled, no significant progress in updating the staircase, which cost the republican budget several million, did not happen. Subscribers of the public with sadness summarize: “No celebration of the Republic Day – no stairs.”

The press service of the mayor’s office of Petrozavodsk cannot name the expected completion date yet. However, if the work is again performed poorly, the specialists of the city administration will not accept them again. Meanwhile, the contractor who violated the deadlines for the delivery of work, prescribed in the contract, will certainly be fined. However, the amount of the fine will be calculated after the object is finally handed over. The more time elapses from the original date by which the staircase descent had to be completed, according to the terms of the contract, the higher the amount of the fine will be.

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