The SVR spoke about the important qualities of modern intelligence officers

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Love for the Motherland, perseverance and creativity – these are the main things in a modern intelligence officer. This was announced by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. An excellent memory and analytical mind are also required. According to SVR specialists, these qualities are not in demand in all industries. At the same time, you don’t have to be like action heroes to become a scout. The SVR is confident that their profession is a kind of symbiosis of the work of politicians, scientists and businessmen.

Such a frank analysis of modern heroes-scouts appeared on the agency’s website thanks to the anniversary. On December 20, the SVR will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

There you can also find specific requirements for those who want to come to work in the department. This is primarily the citizenship of the Russian Federation. And also: higher education, age from 22 to 30 years, knowledge of at least one foreign language. At the same time, the department emphasizes that the intelligence officer cannot earn much money.

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