The State Duma warned against vague wording in the new traffic rules

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“Any clause of the requirements for drivers that allows a free interpretation is a direct path to abuse and corruption on the part of the traffic police,” says the chairman of the A Just Russia For Truth party, head of the SR Duma faction, Sergei Mironov.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has prepared a draft government decree, which contains a new list of faults and conditions under which the operation of vehicles is prohibited.

“Many provisions of the document raise questions. Except, perhaps, fines for using studded tires in the summer. Here the violation itself is obvious, and the harm from it is obvious. But why the driver should be punished for errors in the computer is not clear. Different machines have different BCs, they work according to different algorithms, and they themselves often give false signals. Even if the diagnostics worked correctly and the malfunction was eliminated, after resetting the computer, some error codes still remain in its memory. It turns out that this separate item in itself requires lengthy instructions “, – the parliamentarian believes.

It is proposed to make the missing headlamp cleaners the basis for a fine of 500 rubles.

“Again a mystery: this option is not available in every configuration and not even in every model. To establish such a violation, the inspector must probably examine the “operational documentation” of a particular car mentioned in the draft Ministry of Internal Affairs. What is meant by this is another question. Obviously, just that such a position is not in the list of documents that the driver must have with him – there are comprehensive traffic rules on this matter “, – stresses the politician.

The deputy invites the authors of the changes to concretize the concept of “objects covering the review”.

“The inspector may think that the registrar is interfering with seeing the road, while the driver may have a completely different opinion. And here, as in other cases, absolutely clear justified criteria are needed. If there are none, you should not mock the drivers and entice the traffic police officers into the temptation “, – concludes Mironov.