The State Duma approved the law on the government of Russia

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The State Duma, during a plenary session on Tuesday, October 27, approved a federal constitutional law on the government, which establishes the procedure for the formation and powers of the cabinet of ministers.

According to the law, the chairman of the cabinet, his deputies and federal ministers will be appointed by the President of Russia after their approval by the Duma. These norms will not affect the ministers of the power bloc – the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergencies, the Ministry of Justice – as well as the head of the Foreign Ministry. They will be appointed by the head of state after consultation with the Federation Council.

Within two weeks after taking office or resigning the government, the president is obliged to submit to the State Duma a proposal on the candidacy of the prime minister. In the event of the resignation of the head of government, his dismissal by the president, or rejection of the candidacy by the lower house of parliament, the president must submit a proposal to the State Duma on the candidacy of prime minister within a week.

Cabinet members will be prohibited from engaging in entrepreneurial and other paid activities, except for scientific, teaching and other creative activities, to receive remuneration, gifts and use services paid for it.

The government will also provide guarantees of the minimum wage (minimum wage) not less than the subsistence level in the country as a whole.

The project was submitted to the State Duma by Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 22. The document defines the status of the government and its place in the system of public authority, fixes the procedure for its formation with the participation of parliament, powers in various fields, and also provides for restrictions for members of the government.

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