According to the source
Photo: Telegram

According to a source to MK in Dagestan, the power unit of the son of former Prime Minister Mukhtar Medzhidov is suspected of murdering MGIMO student Tomiris Baysfagu. Recall a 21-year-old student was found under the windows in April 2018. She later died in hospital. Then they worked out the version that her friend Murtuzali Majidov could have pushed her out the window. Shortly before the incident, witnesses heard their abuse in one of the classrooms of the university. Then, lacking clear evidence, the investigators opened a case under the article “Driving to suicide.” And now a new turn in business. Yesterday, July 28, police detained Murkzali Medzhidov. It is known that one hundred Main Investigation Department of the RF IC opened a criminal case under the article “Murder”