The “shelf of good” in the Kalmyk village is never empty

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It is said that human qualities are best shown under certain circumstances. When, for example, someone nearby is ill or needs physical help. Then you can understand who is next to you – a real friend or an indifferent ill-wisher.

In words, any of us can be kind, friendly and interesting. But what really lies in his soul can only be learned by specific actions.

As it turned out, a lot of compassionate people live in Altsynkhut, Ketchenerovsky district, who care how their fellow villagers feel and feel during the current pandemic.

For example, at the initiative of the local population, a local store has its own “shelf of goodness”, which they replenish every day for needy fellow villagers. Any of them can go into the store and take the product they need from the shelf. And when a lot of food is collected, rural volunteers collect packages and deliver them to the homes of pensioners and large families.

This is not a shame, say the residents of Altsynkhut, because in a situation of lack of money and temporary unemployment, everyone can help. And in the countryside, a responsive and generous people of kindness have always lived and are ready to come to the aid of their neighbor.

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