The Saratov Region will shorten the terms of engineering expertise

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In the Saratov region, the terms of engineering expertise can be reduced. On January 13 this was discussed by the deputies of the regional parliament. It was proposed to bring local legislation in accordance with the federal one. We are talking about an examination of unique civilian residential buildings. It is proposed to reduce it to 30 working days.

It is planned to reduce the examination of non-residential construction objects to 20 working days. These decisions should be formalized as amendments to the law on the regulation of urban planning activities in the Saratov region.

The third amendment abolishes the compulsory obtaining of a building permit, including: water lines and water lines of all types with a pipe diameter of up to 500 mm; power lines with voltage class up to 35 kV inclusive.

The parliamentarians unanimously approved the proposals. They will be considered at the next Duma meeting.

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