The Russian military police received the first batch of “Patrol” armored vehicles

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The first batch of “Patrol” armored vehicles entered the units of the Russian military police, according to the website of the Ministry of Defense on Saturday, October 30.

“Patrol” is built on the chassis of a KamAZ car, the body is an armored capsule and is designed to protect personnel from small arms damage and explosives detonation under the wheels of the car, under the bottom or from the sides. In addition, grilles are installed on the car windows.

The fuel tanks of the car are treated with a special solution, which, when punctured, tightens the hole and eliminates fuel leakage.

“The cars will be used to carry out all the tasks assigned to the military police,” said Sergei Kuralenko, head of the Main Directorate of the Military Police of the Defense Ministry.

On October 19, the St. Petersburg company “Kronstadt” announced the development of a nano-UAV to equip the “soldier of the future”.

The developers noted that the devices were tested on a specially created “obstacle course”: with flying over and over through rubble and destroyed premises, windows and doors of buildings, and through spaces hidden from the eyes of the drone operator.

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