The Russian-German Chamber of Commerce condemned the US sanctions against the Russian Federation

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The Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (VTP) condemned the new US sanctions against Russia. This is stated in the press release of the organization, which is at the disposal of Izvestia.

“The new sanctions, as well as the previous ones, harm ordinary people and companies. Further unwinding of the US sanctions spiral is a counterproductive path leading to a dead end. Economically, technologically, and politically, Russia will increasingly move away from the West and turn towards China. What is needed is not sanctions, but a political dialogue, ”said Valeria Khmelevskaya, deputy chairman of the board of the Russian-German VTP.

According to the results of a survey on the business climate for December last year, the overwhelming majority (89%) of German companies operating in Russia are in favor of lifting economic sanctions against the Russian Federation. In addition, 70% of the companies surveyed said that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which runs along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, is important and / or irreplaceable for ensuring energy supply to Europe.

Such a study is carried out annually by the VTP jointly with the Eastern Committee of the German Economy.

The day before, US President Joe Biden said that he could have introduced tougher sanctions against Russia, but did not. According to him, the American administration is still considering the option of imposing unilateral sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction project. However, he called the issue complex and acknowledged that it affects the interests of Washington’s allies in Europe.

On April 15, Biden signed a decree imposing new anti-Russian sanctions. The United States, in particular, prohibited its companies from directly buying Russian debt securities issued by the Central Bank, the National Wealth Fund, or the Russian Ministry of Finance after June 14, 2021.

Also, sanctions were imposed on eight individuals and legal entities associated with Crimea, including members of the republic’s government. In addition, it became known about the expulsion of ten employees of the Russian diplomatic mission in Washington.

The Russian Foreign Ministry warned of a decisive response to US sanctions.