The Russian Ambassador spoke about the attempts of the West to “tear” Belarus from the Russian Federation

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The West sets itself the task of “tearing” Belarus away from Russia, said on Wednesday, December 23, Russian Ambassador to Minsk Dmitry Mezentsev.

According to him, the authorities of the USA, Great Britain and the EU member states “show an extremely tough attitude”, and also “give illegal, rather emotional, assessments” of the situation in Belarus.

“This is the formation of a new strategy not in relation to Belarus, but in relation to the leadership of Belarus. And it is absolutely clear that the global task – the separation of Belarus from Russia – has not been scrapped, ”he said in an interview with the Belros TV channel.

In addition, the diplomat is sure that the West is working to split the Belarusian society and is trying to tear young citizens, people of creative professions, the intelligentsia and even the collectives of Belarusian enterprises from the current leadership of the country.

On December 18, the British authorities extended sanctions against the Belarusian authorities. The black list includes 29 individuals and seven legal entities.

Thus, London has joined similar measures of the European Union. Earlier on the same day, the third package of EU sanctions against the republic came into effect. The same 29 individuals and seven legal entities were added to the blacklist. European businesses are prohibited from doing business with sanctioned entities.

After the presidential elections held in Belarus on August 9, in which Alexander Lukashenko won for the sixth time, who, according to the CEC, gained 80.1% of the vote, mass opposition protests began in the country. The voting results were not recognized by the United States and European countries.

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