The risk of contracting coronavirus is minimal on the plane

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This was established by the US military doctors

The Pentagon Medical Service, together with United Airlines, has conducted a study on the risk of contracting coronavirus during an air flight. With the help of aerosols that mimic the secretions that would arise from thousands of people coughing, they simulated the movement of these “infected” particles through the space of the aircraft.

It turned out that if you use a mask, the risk of contracting coronavirus is negligible, even if the flight lasts twelve hours. The air in the Boeing 767 and 777 cabins is refreshed more often than in a standard hospital operating room. It takes only six minutes to filter out the vast majority of viruses in the air.

True, only the traditional three-layer medical masks were tested, which airlines usually issue to passengers. At the same time, scientists note that the danger of getting infected still exists if you sit in close proximity to an infected person (next to, in front or behind), and an even greater threat if you talk to such a neighbor in the case when the mask has to be removed for food or drinking, reports “Fox News”.

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