The rise in prices in Sol-Iletsk caused discontent among tourists

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In Sol-Iletsk, tourists are dissatisfied with the beaches of the local Dead Sea.

Having stood for three months without guests, the resort finally began to receive visitors. However, the organizers of recreation for visitors and visitors did not create the proper conditions, although they raised the price for admission by 70% – the fee increased from 150 to 250 rubles, which caused a wave of discontent.

People just don’t understand what they are paying for. On the territory of “Solenka” not a single cafe works, the attractions are idle.

You also have to pay for a warm shower. The pleasure costs 100 rubles. A sunbed is also one hundred rubles. In total, for one visit with minimal comfort, you have to fork out 450 rubles.

But the most important thing that angered the citizens is that nobody cleans up the garbage on the beach! The seldom standing waste bins are overflowing. The wind even drives bags and plastic bottles through the water.

The cost of the entrance ticket, in the opinion of guests and the local population, was raised unreasonably. Vacationers do not receive services for the amount they paid.

In the social network “VKontakte”, on one of the pages dedicated to Sol-Iletsk, a post appeared in which the author was genuinely outraged by the rise in prices:

“The Sol-Iletsk Lakes are a natural treasure of Russia that people should visit for free.

We do not ask for free, at least reduce to the previous price.

If the price has risen now, then the price will remain for the next year. Usually it is not customary for us to reduce prices …

We address this problem to

The government of the Orenburg region and the Federal Agency for Tourism “Rosturizm”.

It turns out that not only guests but also local residents are dissatisfied with this approach to serving tourists. When the entrance to the healing lakes was free, it was much cleaner and more comfortable than it is now. There was sand all over the beach, warm showers not for a fee, but just like that … Now we have to remember those times with great regret.

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