The results of the examination in the case of rapper Cartwright have become known

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The results of the examination of the murder of rapper Andy Cartwright (Alexander Yushko), in which his widow Marina Kohal is accused, has become known. On Wednesday, January 13, REN TV reports.

As noted by the TV channel, during the examination of the remains, injuries were found that were received during life: abrasions and hemorrhages in the chin region and a puncture wound with subcutaneous hemorrhage in the right palm were revealed. The musician’s body was dismembered into 15 fragments, the internal organs were missing.

“It can be stated that Kohal is not only a dismemberment, but also a ripper, a sort of dismemberment-ripper, she not only dismembered Alexander into 15 pieces, but also gutted and removed his internal organs,” lawyer Anton Kobit told REN TV. The lawyer believes that the woman tried to hide the traces of the crime.

The examination established the posthumous effects of low temperatures, a humid environment and table salt, and also found that all the blood of the musician had been drained.

Kobit noted that this was done in order to make it difficult to establish the cause of death, since traces of, for example, a poisonous substance could remain in the blood.

According to the lawyer, a critically low level of glucose in Yushko’s body (0.9 Mm) was established, which may indicate the introduction of an insulin-containing drug, while the musician did not have diabetes. He also added that not long before his death, the rapper was injected into the palm of his right hand. The investigation believes that shortly before the incident, she bought an insulin-containing drug at the pharmacy.

Experts also denied Kohal’s version that the musician could have died as a result of a drug overdose.

The rapper’s dismembered corpse was found in an apartment in St. Petersburg on July 29, 2020. His widow claimed that Cartwright died of a drug overdose, and she wanted to get rid of the body in order to hide the “inglorious” death from fans. At the same time, no traces of prohibited substances were found in the body of the deceased.

On July 31, Kohal was charged with murder. The UK stated that the murder was planned in advance, for which, according to the investigation, she bought a medicine at the pharmacy.

According to media reports, Cartwright, shortly before his death, was going to divorce his wife and go to his mistress.

The deceased had a son, Yushko’s mother turned to the guardianship authorities and the children’s ombudsman of the city with a request to transfer her grandson to her. She came to Russia from Ukraine and testified to investigators as a victim in a murder case.

On December 26, the Smolninsky District Court of St. Petersburg extended Kohal’s detention until February 28, 2021.

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