The referee of the match “Spartak” – “Sochi” Eskov failed the polygraph test

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Arbiter Alexey Eskov, who acted as a video assistant in the 1st round match of Tinkoff RPL “Spartak” – “Sochi” did not pass the lie detector test. This was reported on August 28 by the Sport-Express newspaper.

According to the newspaper, there will be an additional check and there is a possibility that Eskov will no longer be allowed to participate in professional judicial activities.

Former head of the refereeing and inspection department of the Russian Football Union, Andrei Budogossky, said that he did not know all the nuances and circumstances of the case, writes

“If this is true, then I am sincerely sorry that this happened. I know Eskov very well for many years, since the time when he studied at our center, and I know him as an exceptionally decent, honest and professional person and teacher, ”Budogossky said.

On August 9, Spartak drew with Sochi (2: 2). At the same time, the opponent of the red and white scored both goals from the penalty spot. The chairman of the board of directors of the Moscow club Leonid Fedun said after the match that he intends to withdraw the capital club from the Russian championship. He later changed his mind.

In turn, Member of the International Olympic Committee Shamil Tarpishchev called refereeing in this game insanity.

After that, the check of Yeskov’s actions regarding the appointment of the second penalty in the match began. Initially, he stated that this was not an obvious situation. According to him, according to the protocol, he was obliged to follow the decision of the judge, who recorded the violation in this episode.

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