The President of Arsenal offered to check the referee of the match with Spartak on a polygraph

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The head of the Tula football club “Arsenal” Guram Adzhoyev, after the team’s defeat in the match against Moscow “Spartak” on August 29, proposed sending the chief referee of the match, Alexei Matyunin, for a polygraph test.

The club president made the corresponding statement, commenting on the removal from the field of midfielder Daniil Lesovoy for the second yellow card, as a result of which the Tula team remained in the minority.

“Until today, we thought that football is played 11 on 11, but apparently this is not the case. In this match we played 10 against 15. The referee team headed by the referee, whose last name is not Matyunin, but, obviously, some the other played for Spartak. The key moment in the match is the removal of Lesovoy, the linesman is a meter away from the episode, the moment happens before his eyes, and he makes the wrong decision, “TASS quotes him.

In this regard, Ajoev suggested using the telegraph to establish the reasons for the actions of the arbiter.

“What is it? Error, bias? Let’s find out with the help of a polygraph, since we have such a tradition, or do we check some of them and not others? We are constantly being told that the video assistant referee (VAR) system intervenes only when it sees an obvious error, what kind of error is called obvious, if not this one, and what is VAR for if such situations are not corrected? How is the VAR protocol drawn up, if such episodes pass by? ” – noted Ajoev.

In his opinion, there was injustice and inconsistency in relation to the Arsenal players.

“There were other moments, the same Lesovoy received his first yellow card for a dangerous game, a few minutes later the same foul was committed against him – there is no card to the opponent,” added the head of Arsenal.

The meeting between Spartak and Arsenal took place on Saturday and ended with a 2: 1 victory for the Muscovites, which allowed the red and whites to take the first line in the RPL standings.

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