The poll showed the readiness of more than half of Russians to change their profession

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More than half of the Russians surveyed are ready to change their profession in 2021 in the event of a crisis, according to a survey of Megaplan, a software developer for business management. The corresponding press release was made available to Izvestia on December 28.

According to a survey conducted among 1.6 thousand employees and managers of small and medium-sized businesses, 52.3% of employees in Russian companies consider changing their profession.

32% of respondents do not plan to change their profession next year, 15.7% doubt it. In the case of the introduction of a new lockdown, 65.7% of the respondents said that they would look for a second job.

12.3% of the respondents are going to start their own business next year. 9% said that they have already started their own business, but combine it with their main job, 8.7% are fully devoted to entrepreneurship, and 70% answered that they do not plan to do business in 2021.

Among the survey participants, 33.5% expect negative changes in the Russian economy in 2021, the same number of respondents admitted that they already “do not believe in anything and do not expect anything”, and 33% believe that in 2021 the economic situation will be Russia will change for the better.

In addition, survey participants shared their worries about the coming year: Russians are most worried about next year by the rise in prices for consumer goods (36.7% of responses), 23.3% – the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, 13.7% – the political situation. in Russia, 10.3% – closed borders with other countries, 9.8% – the position of domestic business, and 3.3% – the possible cancellation of remote control.

Least of all the survey participants are worried about the cultural life of the country – 2.8% answered that they were waiting for the opening of exhibitions and the return of concerts.

In order to improve their own financial situation, almost every fifth (21.2%) respondent took up investment, 24.8% of respondents answered that they plan to study this issue in more detail in the near future.

According to Sergei Kozlov, CEO of Megaplan, 2021 for many Russians will be an attempt to radically change their lives. “Due to the constant feeling of uncertainty, people start investing, try to open their own business, and someone even moves to another country – just in order to change the current state of affairs in a positive direction,” he said, adding that he hopes for more positive developments in the coming year.

On the eve of the online job search service SuperJob presented research data on the expectations of Russians in terms of wage increases in the new year.

It turned out that most of them are dissatisfied with the level of their salaries and are waiting for its increase.

In addition, the respondents spoke in favor of the wishes of stability and career growth.

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