The police will check the incident with the bullying of the bear in the Kuril Islands

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The Sakhalin Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is conducting a check after the publication of a video in which foreign workers mock a bear cub on the Kuril island of Iturup, RIA Novosti reports on August 8 with reference to the department.

On August 6, a video appeared on the network, in which eyewitnesses filmed how a group of men tied with a rope, restrained and strangled a small bear. About ten people mocked the wild animal, most of them stood aside and laughed.

“The police have received a message, the material has been registered, and a check is underway. The faces were identified during the check. The bear cub is alive and well, released, he was not seriously injured, ”said the agency’s interlocutor.

According to him, the incident took place at a construction site in the foothills of the Baransky volcano, where thermal springs are located.

As a result of the check, a criminal case may be initiated under the article on cruelty to animals.

On August 3, it became known that the prosecutor’s office of the Chelyabinsk region organized a check after reports of cruelty to animals. This is a video showing animals tied to trees in a city park. Among them, as specified, the fox and raccoon animals.

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