The pizzeria offers “good wishes” for $ 1

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If the ongoing coronavirus pandemic makes you feel a little unsettled, Brooklyn’s Vinnie’s Pizzeria offers you a simple and relatively inexpensive remedy. A new service has appeared in the menu of the pizzeria in the section “Positive attitude”.

“For just $ 1, the driver delivering your order will look you in the eye and tell you:“ You are doing everything in your power and everything will be fine with you! ” – this is how the description of this “product” looks on the pizzeria’s page on the Instagram social network.

The responses of netizens to this “service” varied. One of them asked if only comforting words could be ordered. To which a witty reply followed: “Our minimum order is $ 15, so you will have to order 15 consolation messages. But if you still want to receive only one message, then you can order it in the form of self-delivery, and we will assure you from the order issue window that everything will be fine with you. “

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