The Pentagon was convicted of borrowing ideas from the Soviet and Russian air defense

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The Pentagon borrowed ideas from the Soviet and then Russian air defense system – the basis of the modern Aerospace Forces (VKS). The former deputy commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force, Lieutenant General Aytech Bizhev, spoke about this in an interview with RIA Novosti on Saturday, August 1.

According to him, Russia has rich experience in the use of air defense forces. Russian specialists trained half of the world, and many countries created air defense systems based on the Russian model. The Americans were no exception, they copied various ideas of the Soviet, and today the Russian, air defense system.

So, the Americans take into account the Russian experience of priority in choosing targets, and also partially borrowed the principle of building battle formations. For example, in Syria, the S-300 and S-400 long-range anti-aircraft missile systems cover the Pantsir short-range missile systems, which successfully deal with small targets, including drones. This experience of using complexes of various ranges is now being actively studied in the United States.

In addition, General Bizhev noted that in 2019 the sixth type of armed forces appeared in the United States – the Space Forces, which are designed to carry out military operations in outer space. He suggested that this could be a kind of response to the strengthening of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

On July 5, the chief commander of the Russian aerospace forces, Sergei Surovikin, spoke about the capabilities of the S-500 Prometheus in space. According to the commander, the S-500 will be able to destroy hypersonic weapons of any modifications in near-earth space, including near space.

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