The pandemic revealed the demand of Russians for musical instruments

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The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the demand of Russians for musical instruments, follows from the message of the operator of the fiscal data “Platform OFD”.

Comparing the data for November-December 2019 and 2020, analysts came to the conclusion that sales of instruments increased sharply compared to last year, reports RIA Novosti.

During the forced restrictions due to the spread of the coronavirus, the home art industry itself has grown. This was facilitated by various online courses of teachers who switched to online mode.

As a result, sales of small musical instruments that are convenient for practicing music at home have grown.

Based on research data, the number of purchases of recorders jumped by 76%, harmonics – by 61%, and ukulele – by 47%.

The average check also increased, harmonics became the sales leader, for which it increased by 28% (522 rubles). For recorders, it grew by 15% (337 rubles), for ukulele – by 5% (1762 rubles).

Earlier, on December 14, it was reported that almost half of citizens (47%) tried to find sources of additional income through creative activities. A quarter of them began to make money with creativity precisely during the coronavirus pandemic, according to opinion polls.

The most in-demand skills were photography, writing, and video editing.

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