The organ that affects longevity is named, it is not the heart, and not the brain

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Scientists have proven that human life expectancy directly depends on the intestines.

More precisely, longevity is influenced by microorganisms that inhabit the human intestine. According to, only microflora affects the body, and also determines its state.

By the way, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, thrombosis, obesity and a host of other very serious ailments begin precisely with metabolic syndrome disorders. And he, in turn, appears due to a violation of the state of the intestinal microflora.

Scientists claim that the gut contains more than 70 percent of the bacteria that resists all viruses in existence. It is with the intestines that the work of the human immune system is also associated.

According to, it is because of violations of the intestinal microflora that the number of immune bacteria in the body decreases, and this leads to a decrease in immunity.

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