The opinion of the Minister of Health of Germany on the Russian vaccine against coronavirus

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The official statement, made yesterday by the authorities of the Russian Federation, about the admission of the world’s first vaccine against coronavirus, developed by scientists of the N.N. Gamalei in Moscow, caused a violent reaction from the world community, including in Germany.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn said in an interview with one of the local radio stations that he was considering the admission of a new vaccine critically. “According to what we know, there weren’t enough tests,” he says. In his opinion, this is not about being the first, but about the effectiveness and safety of a new substance that has passed enough tests before becoming available to the population.

Even with the current pandemic we are experiencing, Spahn said important research and test milestones cannot be neglected on the road to developing a vaccine.

According to the politician, Russia did not make available enough information and verified data, and also did not conduct the third phase of vaccine development, during which testing on a large number of people takes place. “It can be dangerous to vaccinate millions of people too early,” concluded Jens Spahn.

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