The ophthalmologist called the unexpected danger of visiting the bath

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A visit to the bathhouse can lead to eye problems, said ophthalmologist surgeon Dmitry Dementyev.

The specialist said that many people can suffer from violations of vascular tone or vegetation, up to a hypertensive crisis.

At the same time, high temperatures in the baths provoke in such cases a spasm of the cerebral vessel, circulatory disorders or even corneal edema.

Also, the risks of acute attacks of glaucoma increase, which threatens to instant loss of vision.

“Therefore, people who have glaucoma, anatomical narrowing of the intraocular parameters, it is better not to go to the bathhouse or walk very carefully,” the doctor said on the air of the Russia 1 TV channel on August 6.

Dementyev urged to visit the steam rooms with caution.

In April, Vladimir Volodin, an immunologist-allergist, assessed the effectiveness of baths in the prevention of coronavirus. The expert commented on the study of French scientists about the death of SARS-COV-2 when heated to 92 degrees for 15 minutes and said whether a Russian bath, where the temperature reaches 100 degrees, will help.

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