The Oka bed under the Friendship Bridge in Oryol will be cleared of construction debris

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In Oryol, the coastal zone and the channel of the Oka River began to be cleared of construction waste. The work is carried out by the specialists of RemSpetsMost LLC, a contractor engaged in the repair of the Friendship Bridge, as well as divers of the DivO diving club.

Heavy equipment is involved in the process. Divers are exploring the bottom in the middle of the Oka River and installing signal beacons to indicate the place from where construction and other large waste will be raised.

To lift heavier waste, workers use special structures – “parachutes”. So, in order to pull the cast-iron pipes ashore, it took a “parachute” with a carrying capacity of 500 kg and the help of mechanized equipment.

As a representative of the Orel Capital Construction Department told, the Friendship Bridge is 99% ready. Workers paint curbs and pedestrian fences, tidy up ladders, trim trees. Traffic on the bridge should resume from August 3.

Overhaul of the Friendship Bridge across the Oka began in Oryol in the summer of 2018. Initially, it was planned to complete the work by April 2019.

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