The nutritionist named the healthiest rice

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Most of the useful properties are contained in brown rice and unrefined basmati rice, nutritionist Marina Makisha told Izvestia on Friday, August 7. The widespread white rice is inferior to them in trace element and vitamin composition.

“Polished white rice in the process of processing is deprived of many beneficial properties, vitamins and minerals that are contained in the shell of the grain,” – said the nutritionist.

The specialist also recommended choosing parboiled rice. The technology of steaming rice initially involves “imprinting” trace elements and vitamins into the grain itself, and therefore parboiled rice is healthier than polished rice.

In the meantime, overuse of white rice can lead to health problems.

“White refined rice belongs to the category of fast carbs. And if you eat it in large quantities, it can have a bad effect on the state of blood vessels due to the fact that the release of insulin is provoked, like any fast carbohydrates, ”said Marina Makisha.

In order for white rice to be more beneficial, exercise after meals is necessary. A similar practice exists, for example, in China, where people traditionally work a lot.

“If a person receives a portion of rice porridge or other fast carbohydrates and then immediately goes to work in the field, then the energy is spent as intended. If he eats a portion of rice porridge, then gets into the car and goes to the office, then this is not the most correct breakfast, ”the doctor concluded.

Earlier in the journal Science of the Total Environment, published a study on the increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease in connection with rice.

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