The number of large families is growing in the Kostroma region

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In the Kostroma region, more and more married couples decide to have a third child. In 2018, third children in families accounted for 21% of births, in 2019 – 24%, in 10 months of 2020 – 26%. That is, now more than a quarter of the children born in the region since the beginning of the year have given their parents the opportunity to obtain the status of large families – with all the benefits that follow from this.

Demographers note that support measures that have been introduced at the federal and regional levels have a positive effect on the birth rate. On the initiative of Sergei Sitnikov, from this year in the Kostroma region, lump-sum payments for a first-grader and delivery of kits for newborns have been introduced. At the end of 2019, about 29 thousand families of the Kostroma region became recipients of benefits, compensations and social benefits.

Rosstat notes that in terms of the total fertility rate this year, the Kostroma region ranks second in the Central Federal District, second only to the Moscow region.

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