The New People party proposed to make the position of the school director an elective

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The New People party has come up with a proposal to make the position of the school director an elective one. A copy of the letter addressed to the Deputy Minister of Education of Russia Viktor Basyuk is at the disposal of RT.

The head of the party’s executive committee, Alexander Davankov, noted that now the heads of schools are appointed by the founder, represented by the authorized regional executive body or local self-government.

“A team of teachers, advice from parents, advice from students should act as the customer for the director’s work. It is necessary to elect the headmaster on an alternative basis in an open public competition. At the same time, the founder should retain the right to reasonably dismiss the elected director from his post, for example, in case of non-compliance or significant violations of the school charter, ”the text of the appeal says.

On October 19, the Institute of Progressive Education came up with an initiative to introduce a standard for conducting distance learning in Russia.

In a letter sent to the head of the Ministry of Education Sergei Kravtsov, it is said that during the general home regime, students and their parents were faced with insufficient organization of the work process. Often the children had to study the materials on their own, and the format of the lesson was not agreed upon.

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