The Navy modernizes the base in Baltiysk

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The Russian Navy is modernizing the naval base in Baltiysk. The berths have been completely repaired, communications have been replaced, and treatment facilities have been built. After the completion of the work, large ships, including cruise missile carriers: corvettes, frigates, destroyers and others, will be able to deploy at the main basing point of the Baltic Fleet. According to experts, this will make it possible, if necessary, to create a serious grouping with impressive firepower in a strategically important region.

It is planned to complete the first stage of reconstruction of the naval base in Baltiysk by the end of the year, sources told Izvestia. Next year, the infrastructure will be finalized: new communication systems, storage, repair and maintenance facilities will be created.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense reported that the new berthing infrastructure of the base includes treatment facilities, so that the ships will not cause serious damage to the environment. In addition, as a result of modernization, dependence on hydrometeorological conditions will decrease and the safety of anchorage and basing of ships will increase.

In the harbors of the base, communications were replaced, a major overhaul of the berth was carried out, work on anti-corrosion protection was carried out, access roads are being repaired, the military department reported.

After repairs at the naval base in Baltiysk, it will be possible to service modern ships of the second and first rank: patrol ships, corvettes, frigates and destroyers. For example – carriers of cruise missiles “Caliber” corvettes of project 20385 or frigates of project 22350 armed with “Zircon”.

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