The narcologist named the right way to get rid of a hangover

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Yuri Sivolap, Doctor of Medical Sciences, spoke about a simple method to cope with a hangover after a feast.

According to the physician, the best remedy is plain water.

– It will be very useful to drink water, drink plenty of water. Of course, it will always be useful to add a little lemon, lingonberry, cranberry, vitamins to it, – said Sivolap on the air of the radio “Moscow speaking”.

The narcologist does not advise looking for special remedies for a hangover. Medicines are needed only in case of poisoning: then the patient is really injected with drugs that remove alcohol from the blood.
You cannot fight a hangover on your own if after drinking a person’s blood pressure has jumped sharply. The condition can be difficult to control, so it is best to call a doctor.

In other cases, if a person just drank a little, only an abundant drink of plain water, rest and time are required.

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