The most touchy and vindictive signs of the zodiac named

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People born under the sign of Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, Leo, Aries and Libra take offense more than others, said astrology expert Christina Schenwald.

She told YourTango that Scorpios hate liars the most. Representatives of this zodiac sign impose a lot of energy, which can be directed both to passion and in a negative direction.

Taurus will not be able to let go of the situation for a long time, and their abuser will forever remain on the “black list”.

Capricorns will eventually be able to forgive a person if he is guilty of an insignificant reason. In fundamental moments, such people will hide their resentment for a long time.

Leos, as a rule, are surrounded by a large number of friends and acquaintances, so it will not be difficult for them to delete from the social circle a person who has hurt their self-esteem.

Sheep will be able to forgive the offender if he corrects his mistake. Otherwise, they will forever stop trusting a person.

It is noteworthy that people born under the sign of Libra are quite harmonious, but they also like to harbor a grudge. Their peculiarity is that they do not pretend and can take revenge with some trifle, citing an accident.

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