The most profitable mass professions named

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Barbers earn the most among representatives of mass professions in Russia, the analytical center of the Avito Rabota service found out.

Employees of barbershops receive an average of 67 thousand rubles in the country.

“Dentists ranked second in terms of income. Over the past six years, these professions have ousted the highest paid cosmetologists and excavator drivers from the top list, ”reads a press release received by Izvestia on Wednesday, August 12. Dentists have an average income of about 60.5 thousand rubles.

The third place was and remains the measurers working in construction and furniture companies. The average salary of such workers is 60 thousand rubles.

The top 5 specialists also included foremen with 58.6 thousand rubles, in fifth place – excavator operators with an average earnings of 56.9 thousand rubles.

In the first place in the list of professions in which salaries have grown most noticeably are hairdressers (+ 61%, 51.3 thousand rubles), which, thanks to this, moved from 68th to 57th place. The positions of car mechanics (average salary of 49.7 thousand rubles, 13th place in the rating) and manicurists (they are ready to pay 49.2 thousand rubles, 16th place in the rating of salaries) improved.

Avito is the most popular classifieds site in Russia according to the SimilarWeb service. According to the Yandex Radar service, Avito’s monthly audience exceeds 50 million people, which is about a third of Russia’s population.

The site has 1.3 million registered employers, including medium and small businesses.

As it became known earlier, in August, over the past year, Russian citizens began to be interested in job vacancies twice as much.

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