The most effective method to Understand The Divine Message Of The Quran

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In the situation of discrimination against women, and even contempt for their lives, typical of pre-Islamic Arab society, the Koran represents an important advance. Such was the offense of the birth of a girl in that society, that some parents even killed her at birth, as the Koran states, which strongly condemns this practice: When a girl is announced to one of them, she remains sullen and anguished, he dodges people out of shame at what has been announced to him, wondering if he will keep it, to his disgrace, or hide it underground. How badly they judge.

The learn Quran online academy recognizes equal rights and duties of men and women with regard to religion, as the following text that uses clearly inclusive language demonstrates: “God has prepared forgiveness and magnificent reward for Muslims and Muslims, believers and women. believers, the devout and the devout, the sincere and the sincere, the patient and the patient, the humble and the humble, those who give alms, those who fast, the chaste and the castes, those who and those that are very reminiscent of God “. The reward and the good life for good deeds reach believing men and women alike.

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There are, however, patriarchal texts that defend the superiority of men, their protective role of women, and their dependence. The virtue of women is essentially linked to devotion, obedience, and a submissive attitude towards their husbands. The rebellion is considered a lack of respect towards them that must be punished (at least, according to some translations. Here is the text cited by the imam of Fuengirola to justify violence against women on certain occasions: “Men have authority over women by virtue of the preferences that God has given to some more than to others and the goods that They spend. Virtuous women are devout. And they take care, in the absence of their husbands, of what God commands them to take care of. Admonish those who fear that they will rebel, leave them alone in bed, hit them!

How do feminist theologians and reformist theologians within Islam interpret this text and others along the same lines? All agree that they reflect the mentality of the time, in which the inferiority of women was deeply rooted. There are those who believe that the texts that justify the submission of women to men must be understood in a metaphorical sense. In general, there is a tendency to affirm that the translation “hit them!” is wrong. Most of these trends question the consideration of the Koran as the literal word of God, as well as its validity and normativity in all contexts and cultures. And they all believe that the Qur’an must be interpreted in the light of human rights and not vice versa. That is applicable to the sacred texts of all religions. Along these lines are the recent Islamic Declarations of Human Rights. An example of such an approach is that of the Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi, a Muslim practitioner, who has just received the Nobel Peace Prize for her fight for human rights.

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