The most budgetary cities for recreation were named in the Moscow region

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The most budgetary city for recreation in the Moscow region among the priority tourist areas is Klin, the average daily amount for a tourist will be about 7.2 thousand rubles. About this on Thursday, July 30, writes “RIA Novosti” with reference to the regional Committee on Tourism.

“The average bill of a tourist vacationing in the Moscow region – here we also take into account the resorts – for example, in Klin is 7.2 thousand rubles, which is the lowest in the region. That is, this amount includes – overnight stay, meals, rest, souvenirs, local logistics, excursions. This is the average price of a hotel, the average check in a restaurant, ”said the agency’s source.

Such a cost of rest is due to the fact that there are not many display objects and event events in Klin. Of the sights popular with tourists, the representative of the committee named the P.I. Tchaikovsky, the Klinskoye Podvorye Christmas tree toy museum, the Dachnaya Station anti-museum. The city also hosts the Tchaikovsky Festival annually.

The next city where you can save money on vacation is Kolomna. The average check in it is about 8.4 thousand rubles. The tour price is reduced because there are no accommodation facilities for tourists above three stars. In this case, a tourist can visit, for example, the local Kremlin, the Kolomenskaya Pastila Museum, the Ecoderevushka farm.

The most expensive cities for recreation in the Moscow region are Serpukhov, where the average check per person per day is about 9.8 thousand rubles, as well as Istra with an average check of 9.5 thousand rubles and Sergiev Posad – 9.3 thousand rubles.

On July 14, it became known that Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi topped the rating of cities where tourists went by air in the first half of the summer of 2020.

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