The Ministry of Health recommended dancing more actively to quickly remove alcohol

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On New Year’s Eve, you should move more, dance and sing to speed up the processing of alcohol. This opinion was expressed on Tuesday, December 22, by the chief freelance specialist psychiatrist-narcologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia and the Moscow Department of Health Yevgeny Brun at a press conference on the safety of Russians on New Year’s holidays in a pandemic.

According to the specialist, immobility increases intoxication, so you should not sit at the table for a long time. “It should be remembered that at night many biochemical processes slow down to almost zero. The processing of alcoholic beverages is, first of all, a toxic product, it will be delayed. Move more, sing, dance – then alcohol will be processed faster, “the Moscow city news agency quotes the narcologist.

He also recalled that the demonstration of alcohol intoxication by adults increases the risk of alcohol abuse in children in the future.

Brune noted that alcohol is not recommended to be combined with sweets, as it slows down the body’s recovery after a feast, writes REGNUM. Also, alcohol should not be mixed with carbonated drinks, which increase the absorption of alcohol.

Earlier in December, Anna Koshechkina, a researcher at the Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology, warned that it is undesirable to mix alcoholic beverages while drinking them, in particular, a combination of grain and grape alcohol should be avoided. She explained that such a neighborhood leads to intoxication of the body.

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