The Ministry of Defense told about the creation of a basing point for the Russian Navy in Sudan

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The creation by Russia of a logistics center (PMTO) of the Russian Navy in Sudan will not be directed against other countries, Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said on Sunday, December 27 in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

“If we continue the theme of Africa and the Middle East <...> this is a key region and Russia, from year to year, is expanding its presence there,” he stressed.

According to the Deputy Minister, the opening of the PMTO in Sudan will allow the Navy to create conditions for safe maritime activities not only for Russia, but also for other states, in particular, this will ensure the calm presence of ships in the deep ocean zone, their participation in the military, peacekeeping and humanitarian actions carried out by the world community …

“Actions to create facilities for the Navy outside the territory of the Russian Federation are planned in nature, aimed at ensuring and implementing the national interests of the Russian Federation in the World Ocean and do not imply aggression against any state,” Fomin added.

The agreement between Sudan and Russia on the creation of the PMTO of the Navy was signed on December 8.

Under this agreement, Russia will be able to accommodate on the base no more than 300 personnel and no more than four ships, including those with a nuclear power plant.

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