The Ministry of Defense disclosed the conditions for a nuclear strike

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The Defense Ministry explained under what conditions Russia can inflict a crushing blow on the enemy, including with the use of nuclear weapons.

The head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, Major General Andrei Sterlin and leading researcher at the Center for Military Strategic Research of the Military Academy of the General Staff, Alexander Khryapin, in an article published on August 7 in the newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda, told which “red lines” would not be crossed by potential adversaries worth it.

“The first condition is related to the receipt of reliable information about the launch of ballistic missiles attacking the territory of Russia and (or) its allies. The fact of the launch of a ballistic missile will be recorded by the missile attack warning system, ”the article says.

In this case, the answer will follow in the case of the use of any weapons of mass destruction, both nuclear and conventional.

In the article, the military also noted that the United States continues to withdraw from the main treaties guaranteeing stability in the world and provokes a new arms race. All this can lead the world “to the brink of nuclear catastrophe.”

On June 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the Fundamentals of State Policy in the Field of Nuclear Deterrence. The document describes the main threats to the country in this area.

The document notes that the subjects of containment of the Russian Federation are countries that have nuclear weapons, countries that regard Moscow as an enemy, military blocs and alliances, as well as states that provide their territory for the deployment of strategic offensive weapons.

The doctrine implies that the Russian Federation can use nuclear weapons in response to an attack.

In 2018, Washington adopted a new nuclear doctrine and reserved the right to strike first.

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