The Ministry of Culture told how much directors of Yaroslavl museums earn

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As it turned out, the heads of the museums of the Yaroslavl region do not live in poverty. In their responsible positions, they receive a salary that compensates for a troublesome position.

Natalya Levitskaya, director of the Yaroslavl Museum-Reserve Natalia Levitskaya, became the leader in terms of income among the heads of museum complexes. Her average salary for 2019 was 153 thousand rubles a month.

The second place in terms of salary was taken by the director of the museum-reserve “Karabikha” Andrei Ivushkin, he earns an average of 139 thousand a month. And the director of the Uglich Historical and Architectural Museum Natalya Chvanova receives an average of 128 thousand rubles a month.

Galina Petrovnina, director of the Pereslavl Museum-Reserve, receives an average of 121 thousand rubles a month. And the average salary of the head of the Yaroslavl Art Museum, Anna Khatyukhina, was 118 thousand rubles.

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