The MFC is developing new forms of providing services to the residents of Smolensk

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On the territory of the Smolensk region there are 27 branches of the Multifunctional Center, 75 offices of the MFC, five Centers for the provision of services for business, as well as two windows in the business zone on the basis of the Industrial MFC in the city of Smolensk. To service applicants, there are 303 windows in which 786 types of state, municipal and other services are provided.

On behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development is developing the MFC 2.0 Concept aimed at introducing new principles for the provision of public services. A working meeting was held in the administration of the Smolensk region dedicated to new forms of providing state and municipal services in the Multifunctional Centers (MFC).

The head of the information technology department, Andrei Rudometkin, reported to the governor that now the residents of Smolensk can apply to the branches of the MFC on consumer protection issues. Also, residents of the Smolensk region have the opportunity to get advice from the MFC on submitting documents through the Unified portal of public services. In the premises of the multifunctional centers, workplaces are organized for applicants, equipped with computer equipment that is connected to the Internet. If necessary, MFC specialists will assist citizens in submitting documents, registering or confirming an existing account on the Unified Portal of Public Services.

In addition, in seven branches of the MFC (Pochinkovsky, Safonovsky, Dorogobuzhsky, Gagarinsky, Rudnyansky, Desnogorsky, as well as the Industrial branch of the city of Smolensk), citizens began to receive citizens in the following directions: “Help to veterans of the Great Patriotic War”, “Violation of the terms of social payments”, “Help elderly people with coronavirus. “

Now we are creating a branch of the MFC in the Zadneprovsky district of Smolensk, designed for 24 service windows. A new branch should appear in the regional center by December 1, 2021.

Deputy Governor Rostislav Rovbel informed the head of the region about the fulfillment of his instructions: “In the Industrial MFC of the city of Smolensk, as well as Vyazemsky, Gagarinsky, Safonovsky, Kholm-Zhirkovsky branches of the Multifunctional Center, it is planned to open specialized reception windows for citizens to assist in finding work for the population of the region and payment of benefits” …

Alexei Ostrovsky clarified: “Roslavlsky must be added to the industrialized regions that you named.”

Rostislav Rovbel explained: “We have already considered the possibility of opening an employment window in the Roslavl MFC, but given the increased workload associated with the increase in the number of services provided, its material and technical base does not allow us to do this. Currently, the area of ​​the premises where the branch is located is 350 square meters, and in order to introduce new services according to the current standards, we need at least 20 reception windows and at least 700 square meters. ” The Governor instructed to work out the issue from the point of view of providing a new or additional premises for the MFC so that the problem is resolved within the next calendar year.

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