The media reported an emergency signal from a Chinese plane that lost altitude

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A Shenzhen Airlines passenger plane flying ZH9209 from Shenzhen to Xi’an gave an emergency signal and took a return course, RIA Novosti reported, citing Chinese media outlets.

The liner took off at 07:32 (02:32 Moscow time), and 20 minutes later began to sharply lose altitude, having dropped in a few minutes from 9297 to 3733 meters.

It is noted that the crew of the vessel gave a signal 7700, typical for cases of technical malfunction of the aircraft or the need for urgent medical assistance for passengers. The pilots took the opposite course, the plane can land the liner at one of the nearest airports.

According to the agency, the liner could suddenly lose height due to depressurization of the fuselage, due to a crack on the glass.

On August 7, the SSJ-100 aircraft, which gave an alarm signal during its flight Stavropol-Moscow, landed safely at Sheremetyevo. According to preliminary information, the reason could be a technical malfunction on board.

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