The mayor of Indianapolis calls the shooting ‘horrific news.’

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The mayor of Indianapolis on Friday described the deadly shooting at a FedEx warehouse near the city’s airport as “horrific news.” It was the latest time this year that the mayor has responded to a mass shooting that amplified gun violence in the city.

“This morning, Indianapolis residents are confronted with the horrific news of yet another mass shooting, an act of violence that senselessly claimed the lives of eight of our neighbors,” the mayor, Joe Hogsett, said.

The gunman in Thursday’s shooting killed eight people and injured at least seven others before killing himself, the police said.

“As law enforcement works to learn more about this tragedy, our prayers are with the families of those whose lives were cut short,” Mr. Hogsett said on Twitter.

“Thank you to all of our city’s first responders for their tireless work overnight. Their quick response provided critical aid to those injured in the shooting and brought a measure of calm to an otherwise chaotic scene,” Mr. Hogsett said.

In January, Mr. Hogsett confronted another shooting with multiple victims, which the city’s police chief said was the worst mass casualty shooting in more than a decade in Indianapolis. A youth was later arrested in the killing of five people who were found in a home in Indianapolis.

The bloodshed in January came just days after Mr. Hogsett and police officials discussed plans to reduce violent crimes in Indianapolis, where the local news media reported that there were 245 homicides in 2020 — a record, and a 40 percent increase from 2019.

Mr. Hogsett called the January shooting “mass murder” that brought “terror to our community.” In February, he returned to the neighborhood where the shooting took place to highlight a public safety walk initiative, which was started in 2017 as a way for residents to share concerns with elected officials and the police.

A shooting near the city’s east side in March left four people dead, including a 7-year-old child, and critically wounded a woman, the authorities said. The police said the shooting stemmed from a domestic problem.

Mr. Hogsett, 64, a Democrat, took office in 2016, after serving as Indiana’s secretary of state and United States Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana.

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