The maximum price of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus named

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The cost of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus will not exceed 1,000 rubles. per dose, then the price will decrease. This was announced on Tuesday, October 6, by the head of the FAS Igor Artemiev.

“We understand that the tariff can be quite high, say, within a thousand rubles, up to a thousand rubles per dose, since [вакцины] are produced in relatively small batches, and they need capital to expand production, ”TASS quoted him as saying.

Artemyev stressed that the tariff has not yet been set, but it will definitely be less than a thousand rubles.

“Further it will only decrease when indicators for reference countries appear,” he added. At the same time, the head of the FAS did not specify which vaccine of the three developed in Russia was being discussed.

According to Artemiev, the analysis by reference countries in this case does not give anything, because the official certificate of registration of the vaccine is only in Russia, all other companies are still undergoing testing stages in all countries.

Earlier on the same day, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia now needs to establish industrial production of a vaccine against coronavirus infection in order to provide a sufficient amount of the drug for the country’s citizens.

The President also expressed confidence that the country will soon have a third COVID-19 vaccine. According to Putin, the first and second domestically produced vaccines meet the highest international standards.

The world’s first coronavirus vaccine was registered on August 11 in Russia. The drug, developed by the specialists of the Gamaleya Center, was named “Sputnik V”. Putin said that his daughter was among the volunteers who tested the drug.

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