The man pulled the girl and three dogs from the icy lake

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Scotsman Chris Flemming rescued a girl and three dogs from an icy lake. His story was told by the Daily Star journalists. The man was walking his dog in the park and noticed two young women who bred their golden retrievers. A third dog circled around them, the owner of which did not pay attention to the tricks of the pet. At some point, this dog chased the ball and fell through the ice on the lake. Two retrievers rushed after him. Their mistress, a fragile girl of 19 years old, hastened to help her dogs. Neither the dogs nor their owner could get ashore. Passers-by were in no hurry to help the drowning woman. They just stood there and watched. Chris Flemming could not indifferently stare at the misfortune and rushed into the water. He scraped his hands first on the ice, and then on the claws of the dogs. But he pulled everyone out of the icy water. Most of all, the man was offended by the fact that the owner of the dog, who became the culprit, did not even apologize or offer help. She calmly waited until her pet was taken out of the water, said “stupid dog”, turned around and left. Flemming described the situation on his social media page. He explained that he could not do otherwise, because then the girl and the dogs would have drowned. But the man is a little sorry for the iPhone “drowned” in the lake, and therefore the indifference of the owner of the whispering dog offended him.

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